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About Us

Join us in the tropics

We are a mature, married couple who loves, and plans to live, in the warmth of a tropical island soon. We surf, body surf, snorkel, and SCUBA dive, and just love the sensation of sun, sand, and warm water on the body. We're a LOT more fun than our kids!

We have traveled modestly throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, and hope our experiences, observations, and tips will inspire others to do as we have, thrilling in island and beach travels.

Join our community for monthly travel blogs by email.  Visit our "Forum" page where we swap tales of beautiful beaches, exotic food, a taste of a tropical lifestyle, and a sense of adventure.  These are the things we, and probably you, feel when we leave the farms, suburbs, and cities, and venture out to the warmth of the tropics to live as pirates, castaways, and beach bums.

About Us: About Us
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