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Business Opportunity

El Yunque Enterprises is a company based in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. Luquillo sits at the meeting of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and El Yunque National Park, the only tropical rain forest in the US National Park Service. Sitting in the mountains of eastern Puerto Rico, visitors to the rain forest can feel the immense amount of life around them. Tropical plants and trees, rivers and waterfalls, and hikes to the peaks to look over the eastern tip of Puerto Rico are things visitors remember forever.

A unique product, Yuquiyu Delights Barbecue Sauce, was formulated in this setting. It is sold at the only food concession in this national park. It is applied to hamburger patties just before they are flame broiled, offering a taste that can only be described as "like the feeling of being in the rain forest." Additional condiments are usually seen as unnecessary.

El Yunque Enterprises seeks partnership with a national or international restaurant chain to bring this product to market. Parties referring such a business entity to us will be rewarded if a contract is made between the referred buyer and El Yunque Enterprises.

Please ask anyone you refer to mention you by name, and contact us by email to advise us of your referral.

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