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Tropical Wear

This is where you start in your search for the breezy, florid, light, dreamy dresses, blouses, shorts, sandals, and other women's clothing for relaxing at the resort or beach hut of your choice.  

We will feature retailers who offer specials, and whose merchandise appeals to Denise (and Steve as well).

Check back often!

Women's Wear: Image

Women's Bathing Suits

We, and yes, I mean WE, Denise and I, have found it pleasant, but also very challenging, to find women's swimsuits for Denise that are appealing and flattering to mature women, as opposed to those suited to the 110 pound, 23 year-old women our partners were at one point. 

Please look here for what we both agree is the right blend of sexy and sophistication, appropriate for the mature beach chic.

Women's Wear: Image
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